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Documentary movie: Restoring smiles on Easter Island - The FOR humanitarian mission

Actualizado: 3 oct 2019

“(…) this is an unimaginable accomplishment. …, the gratitude of the Rapa Nui patients involved was through the roof with heartwarming responses. The improvement in their quality of life will be witnessed by the community for years to come.” Dr. Kenji Higuchi

Dr. Higuchi, Dr. Rosenberg, Dr. Riveros and their teams collaborated with FOR to bring back quality of life to edentulous patients in one of the most remote areas in the world!

Twenty-two patients native to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) who suffered from mandibular edentulism were treated with the Nobel Biocare Trefoil™ system over the course of 7 days. 

What patients really want is to be able to bite a crispy food such as an apple or a celery. Things that they can't do with a conventional prothesis. Besides that, the most important thing for them and for all of us - to be able to smile again... - Dr. Nicolás Riveros

Huinkacine, a local professional documentary film crew from Chile filmed this unique humanitarian initiative, following each step of the surgical team and documenting the patient success stories.  


See how the quality of life for Rapa Nui's inhabitants people improved in the complete version of the documentary signing up at and then clicking the link below!

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